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born in Gummersbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

1959 – 71
Elementary school and high school in Gummersbach (mathematics and science branch), graduation (Abitur) 1971.

1971 – 76
Studies of Naval Architecture at the Technical University of Berlin (TUB). Internships in several companies. 3 years teaching assistent and collaboration in CAD research projects at the Institute for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at TUB. Diploma in 1976.

1976 – 77
Assistent in CAD-research projects of the Institute of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at TUB.

1977 – 78
Teaching in „Numerical Mathematics“ and „Problem-oriented Programming“ at the Technical College Berlin. Postgraduate studies in CAD and Computer Graphics at TUB.

1978 – 84
Research assistent at the Institute of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the TUB. PhD in engineering (form optimisation of streamlined shapes) in 1983. Auditor at the Industrial Design department of the University of the Arts Berlin.

1984 – 87
System analyst in the area of CAD / geometric modelling in two consulting firms in Berlin. Projects, among other things, for the automobile industry and the DIN (German standardization institute).

1988 – 92
Research assistent at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin, department of art education. Teaching CAD and Computer Graphics for designers and artists. Research on the theory of (computer-aided) design.

Several freelance jobs, e.g. for exhibitions and museums.

05 / 1992 – 12 / 1993
Research assistent at the design department of the University of Wuppertal (Prof. Maser). Teaching conceptual and system design, research about systems theory and design.

01 / 1994
Teaching qualification (Habilitation) for „design theory“.

04 / 1994 – 09 / 2001
Professor for „Process Design“ at the Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle Burg Giebichenstein.

08 / 1998 – 12 / 1998
Visiting professor in the USA and Canada (Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Université de Montréal, visit of ID / IIT Chicago).

10 / 2001 – 10 /2005
Professor for „Design Theory“ in the department of Integrated Design at the University of the Arts, Bremen

10 / 2005 – 10 / 2010
Professor for “System Design” at School of Art and Design, University of Kassel

10 / 2010 – 12 / 2018
Professor for “Designwissenschaft” at Braunschweig University of Arts


– Organizer of the 6. Conference of the European Academy of Design 2005 in Bremen

– Board Member of the European Academy of Design

– Member of Birkhäuser Board of International Research in Design BIRD

– Associate Editor of The Design Journal

– Editorial Board Member of Design Philosophy Papers

– Editorial Board Member of Journal of Writing in Creative Practice

– Membre du Comité Scientifique de Sciences du Design

– Member of the Design Research Society, European Academy of Design and the German Society for Design Theory and Design Research DGTF

– Co-founder of DesignResearchNetwork

– Tutor at Sint-Lucas Architectuur Brussel Gent RTS

– Vertrauensdozent der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

– Advisory Board member of various international conferences

– Member of various expert panels